Evolution and society

[By Ben Noble]

Darwin’s theory of Evolution is one of the most powerful and useful aspects of nature discovered by humanity. Natural selection has driven the development of every living thing around us from microorganisms to whales. All of this is dependent on a simple process: Allow for life to make small adaptations over time and let nature run its course. Over time the organisms with poor adaptations will die out and those with useful adaptations will survive and procreate. I confess I am a layman in this field, but I believe this describes the theory adequately. This idea is so powerful that we should take it into account when imagining how our society should function. (more…)

The Thing about Taxation

Taxes are a big deal. We all pay them at virtually every economic interaction. Some people want high taxes and some people want low taxes. Some people want to tax the rich more and some people want everyone to pay less. Some people want bad health decisions to be taxed more; like soda or cigarettes. No matter where you stand on issues like this there is one thing about taxes that virtually all Americans agree on: Taxes are morally permissible. It is acceptable for your city, state, and the Federal Government to tax you and if you do not pay those taxes for long enough they can put you in jail or prison. This is a big problem, morally speaking. (more…)