Presidential Election

Don’t vote

[By Ben Noble]

I have two messages about voting that I would like to give in this post. The first one should at least be palatable by the average person, though it will put a couple twists in the underwear of the über patriot or the social contract enthusiast. If I haven’t scared you off after that, then I cordially invite you to consider a my second and more radical message about voting. Gird your loins / hold onto your butts. (more…)

The authoritarianism that explains Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump [Vox Rebuttal]

In May 2016 Vox published a video describing how the allure of authoritarianism is behind the popularity of Donald Trump. The implication being that more Americans are becoming more authoritarian and so they are supporting an authoritarian candidate for President. While this point might be true, they are pretty dishonest about everything else. This new generation of “news” sites with flashy editing has picked up right were the mainstream has left off giving only half truths and selective reporting in their videos. (more…)