Trump’s birth control executive order [Video]

[by Ben Noble]

The Affordable Healthcare Act is terribly written. Many covered goods and services, like birth control, mandated by the law are determined by bureaucrats and therefore can change administration to administration. Trump has recently moved to expand the “religious liberty” exception to requiring employers to purchase insurance plans that provide “free” birth control for their employees. (more…)

Universal Healthcare can’t make an individual or the United States population healthier [Video]

By [Ben Noble]

Bernie Sanders and like minded individuals have brought universal healthcare into the mainstream political discussion. The idea of having everyone in the US covered by government funded health insurance might induce feelings of fuzzy euphoria, but its not as simple as “health insurance = good health”. Universal healthcare does nothing to address the everyday choices people make that determines their level of health, the massive amounts of money spent on treating preventable illnesses, and the certain explosion of demand that will create shortages in supply and an increase of costs. (more…)

The Impossible Task of Centrally Planned Health Insurance

The fundamental truth about an individual’s health is that it is their daily choices that determine weather it is good or poor. Things like insurance coverage, medical technology, or the promises of politicians have a small and limited effect. Any effort to offload that responsibility diminishes the individual’s incentive to be in control of their own health. Thus, centrally planned healthcare is impossible in the long run.