The child’s philosophy

[By Ryan Noble]

Libertarianism has been accused of being simplistic. It has, like objectivism, been dismissed as a “child’s philosophy”. This claim is worthy of rejection on its face as a non-rebuttal rebuttal but there is something a bit abnormal about libertarianism vis-a-vis its competing philosophies that might justify its characterization as “childlike”. Unlike other philosophical or political orientations; only a single statement is required to guide judgement of any proposition. Stated differently, our eyes are always cast toward a single principle for guidance. That principle could be formulated any number of ways; I prefer phrasing the libertarian principle as “force is only justified in defense against an initiating force”. This fact has some real consequences when it comes to how it will be received. (more…)

Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump are the same authoritarian asshole [Video]

By [Ben Noble]

Lets get real here. The conflict between Democrats and Republicans is a joke. Both sides are populated by assholes that want to control society and the actions of the individuals in that society. Donald Trump wants to enforce his beliefs on the US and he wants you to pay for it. Bernie Sanders wants to enforce his beliefs on the US and make you pay for it. We need to reject these assholes. (more…)