Today the FCC repealed Net Neutrality and that is a good thing

[By Ben Noble]

As of today the FCC has repealed its NN rules. I think this is a great thing. It is not the government’s job to play network administrator of the internet. It has no legitimate claim to the property of ISPs, it lacks the expertise, and it has no incentive to be a good steward. (more…)

Obsolete public servants

[By Ben Noble]

There has been a certain type of article popping up with increased regularity. These articles warn of the incoming Artificial Intelligence invasion that will automate untold numbers of jobs; both white and blue collar. There are compelling arguments for whether this will be a good thing or not. Some economists observe that past technological innovations have destroyed jobs in the past, but in totality opened greater economic opportunities and wealth for the masses. I tend to side with this optimistic view. There is one industry where I hope for the deepest darkest doomsday AI scenario to play out: government bureaucracy. (more…)

The problem of democracy

[By Ryan Noble]

A quick search around the beneficent internet confirmed for me a fact we all already know. The world is awash in democracy. Local, national, provincial, direct, indirect, rigged, fair, landslides or nail-biting elections are occurring in almost every place that knows how to keep plumbing running. Across the world historians have chronicled the circumstances under which countries transition from non-democratic to democratic.  How many have looked up and noticed democratic states swallowing the world like an invasive species? From its birth in Athens to today democracy has spread itself more effectively than any institution in history. This essay will lay out a theory attempting to explain why this has happened. Later, it will also argue that development has real negative consequences. To do this I will briefly lay out a few premises that I hope we can agree on. (more…)

Open letter to Bernie Sanders supporters

By Ben Noble

Dear Bernie Sanders Supporter,

I hope you are well. I do not support Bernie Sanders. I do not support any politician in the main political parties. I hope one day we will get past the idea that politicians and government can fix social issues. My goal here is not to change your mind in the span of one letter. I would only like to share my skepticism with you. I’m sure we both agree that people are being needlessly harmed in our society. In this we share the same goal. (more…)

Embracing the state is a rejection of science – Liberty Theory 005 [Video]

By Ben Noble

The scientific method needs freedom to experiment and discover how the world works. Then we can use that knowledge to reach our goals. Having a state, or at least a powerful state, reduces our ability to experiment with how society works and then use that knowledge to improve our lives. The state does not allow for competing experiments and implementations of societal technologies like law, money, healthcare, and economics. It imposes its will over how society should work and in the process slows or outright kills a society’s ability to experiment and improve. It slows societies ability to evolve. (more…)