The abortion debate [Video]

[by Ben Noble]

Abortion is a tragedy. It is the extinguishing of a human life. The catch is that the value of a human life is subjective. We accept value judgments on life like war, the death penalty, do not resuscitate orders, and stopping treatment of terminally ill people. Why should we resist value judgments on life in the case of early development? (more…)

Trump’s birth control executive order [Video]

[by Ben Noble]

The Affordable Healthcare Act is terribly written. Many covered goods and services, like birth control, mandated by the law are determined by bureaucrats and therefore can change administration to administration. Trump has recently moved to expand the “religious liberty” exception to requiring employers to purchase insurance plans that provide “free” birth control for their employees. (more…)

Gentrification and ingroup preference [Video]

[By Ben Noble]

Serious question. I’ve seen people say that poor communities should be invested in to increase economic opportunity. This lady opens a nice bar in a poor area to serve the community. Then people complain about gentrification and “erasing” their culture. I understand that people might not like the decor and drink options the owner has chosen, but why complain about a business moving into their area? Just don’t go to the bar. (more…)