The abortion debate [Video]

[by Ben Noble]

Abortion is a tragedy. It is the extinguishing of a human life. The catch is that the value of a human life is subjective. We accept value judgments on life like war, the death penalty, do not resuscitate orders, and stopping treatment of terminally ill people. Why should we resist value judgments on life in the case of early development? (more…)

Obsolete public servants

[By Ben Noble]

There has been a certain type of article popping up with increased regularity. These articles warn of the incoming Artificial Intelligence invasion that will automate untold numbers of jobs; both white and blue collar. There are compelling arguments for whether this will be a good thing or not. Some economists observe that past technological innovations have destroyed jobs in the past, but in totality opened greater economic opportunities and wealth for the masses. I tend to side with this optimistic view. There is one industry where I hope for the deepest darkest doomsday AI scenario to play out: government bureaucracy. (more…)

Paying attention is better than thinking

[By Ben Noble]

“Paying attention is better than thinking.” Jordan B. Peterson said this in an interview I watched recently. This quote was in the context of personal, political, and ideological beliefs. I find this statement to be highly insightful and it created a number of ideas in my mind that I would like to unwind. Perhaps even in ways he did not intend. (more…)

Evolution and society

[By Ben Noble]

Darwin’s theory of Evolution is one of the most powerful and useful aspects of nature discovered by humanity. Natural selection has driven the development of every living thing around us from microorganisms to whales. All of this is dependent on a simple process: Allow for life to make small adaptations over time and let nature run its course. Over time the organisms with poor adaptations will die out and those with useful adaptations will survive and procreate. I confess I am a layman in this field, but I believe this describes the theory adequately. This idea is so powerful that we should take it into account when imagining how our society should function. (more…)