On flags and golden calves #kaepernick #brandonmarshall [Video]

[By Ben Noble]

Patriotism and football is a hell of a drug. Maybe we should criticize people for the content of their message and not the form. Should also not threaten violence on peaceful protests.


Bill O’Reilly on Brandon Marshall [https://www.facebook.com/FoxNews/videos/10154598551906336/?pnref=story ]

49ers’ Colin Kaepernick on protest: ‘I don’t want to kneel forever’ [http://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/nfl/49ers/2016/09/14/colin-kaepernick-protest-kneel-police-brutality-san-francisco/90375234/ ]

High school football announcer’s answer to Kaepernick-style protesters? Shoot them [http://www.sportingnews.com/other-sports/news/alabama-football-announcer-colin-kaepernick-protest-facebook-shoot-them/tr4gpbkf0r6t1vp3rwj5f9n2r ]

‘They should be shot!’ Pastor takes stand on BLM protesters kneeling during US anthem [https://www.rt.com/usa/359036-kneeling-anthem-protest-pastor/ ]

Thumbnail source image via [https://www.flickr.com/photos/floris-oosterveld/8725700046/in/photolist-ei4uCf-6oCiET-8Dga51-8aqKdi-8Av39m-cdy5k3-5StbQL-8kifrY-91a7cg-bYJpjb-JmmhvF-PBqv-4KDxx7-6qHv69-5TQ1k3-4GvEts-KAaSE-fruwt-nfoVTo-4ZEw3p-2bjV52-mgKo5a-9dTgs-8mq9G2-8aqEQn-39LFWT-9gpDCr-dqzy6X-oKKBZ9-FMCpxN-dwBubR-ocqmyw-5meG46-nWXNQ1-s1Jmb-25YxEv-meZs5Y-daacRk-dN1Pv6-ceXzWj-akfkY4-fjCitG-dSrQ5o-5RHaQ-boA4g9-j5Qduk-nVhF6Y-h9uQa-LvZWD-5ZvxJC ]

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