[By Ben Noble]

Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump have managed to become the leading candidates in the 2016 Presidential race. For obvious reasons this is pushing a lot of people into looking at alternatives. As a result the Libertarian Party has seen an increased number of Google searches and registrations recently. If you are one of these people, then welcome. This article and the ones to follow are for you. This is the first in a series I am making called “Libertarian stater pack” to help new people understand libertarianism and the Libertarian Party. In the coming weeks I will be touching on specific policy stances common in the Libertarian Party.

YouTube video [https://youtu.be/erCU0-CbrzI/]

The libertarian philosophy is focused on maximizing individual freedom. Simply put, libertarianism defines freedom as being able engage in peaceful activities without state intervention and being secure in your body and property. Here in is the purpose of government. It should stay out of people’s way until it needs to seek justice for a crime.

The Democrats have some good rhetoric. They claim to support gay rights, be anti-war, and anti-cooperate. The bad news is that they are not. Hilary Clinton only publicly endorsed gay marriage a couple years ago. She has also never met a military conflict that she didn’t want to get involved with. Not to mention that she is heavily funded by Wall Street. Most Democrats are guilty of these sins to various degrees. The good news is that the Libertarian Party supported gay marriage in its first ever presidential platform in 1972. It has been consistently against war, including the war on terror. It also wants to see corrupt Wall Street executives in jail for their crimes. They are even pro-immigration to boot. Not too shabby, if I say so myself.

Admittedly, the Republican Party has some good rhetoric when it comes to low taxes, fiscal conservatism, and economic freedom. Unfortunately, the Republican Party is utterly uninterested in following through on it. The good news is that the Libertarian Party actually believes in the rhetoric and has a political philosophy to back it up with. It is generally accepted that those in the Libertarian Party would end the IRS and replace it with a plan similar to a flat tax for everyone or The Fair Tax. Unlike most Republicans, Libertarians won’t have any trouble telling you what Federal programs and departments they would end. The EPA, the Department of Education, and slowly ending Social Security are among the many programs they would end. Libertarians might as well be allergic to regulations on the economy. They support ending most government interventions from Wall Street bailouts to occupational licensing.

And now we come to the pill that might be hard to swallow. As you might have picked up from what I’ve just got done talking about, you will have to tolerate positions that you don’t like. The Libertarian Party strives to be consistent in that people should be able to choose how they live their lives to the greatest extent possible. You can say that they are the ultimate pro-choice party. You should get to choose what you put in your body, you should get to choose how your business is run, you should get to choose your healthcare provider, you should get to choose how your money is spent, you should get to choose where your kids go to school, and so on. Democrats will need to get over things like gun rights, favoring private charity, and letting businesses operate more freely. Republicans will have to get over gay marriage, constant war, and abortion. Both will have to get over the war on drugs, domestic spying, and massive government spending.

In return you will get constant allies in the fight for freedom and individual choice. Best of all, by voting Libertarian you will be sending the loudest message possible to the parties that have failed you. That your support is not unconditional. Their corruption and lack of principles have given us Clinton and Trump. Need I say more? The time is ripe for a third choice.

I will be publishing additional parts to this series very soon. Each will cover a specific policy area like foreign policy, economic freedom, welfare, the environment and digital privacy.

Until then. Live Free.


All movements have a diverse set of opinions and this can lead to infighting. The Libertarian Party and the parallel movement are not immune to this. In your investigation into libertarianism you might come across heated arguments. Don’t let this turn you off though. While these arguments might be petty and not helpful, there is one thing I can say for sure. Non of the people engaged in it would ever turn to the government to force you to act in accordance with their convictions. That is not a claim you can make about Republicans and Democrats.


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