We must allow bigots to be bigots / Consensual gay cake [Video]

[By Ben Noble]

Freedom of association is just like the freedom of speech. We do not protect freedom of speech so that we can say uncontroversial things. We protect it so that we can say things that other people may not like. Its the same for freedom of association. We must protect freedom of association even if people discriminate in was that we don’t like. Otherwise we are not free to choose who we interact with.


Video puts Muslim bakeries, florists in gay-rights spotlight [http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2015/apr/5/video-puts-muslim-bakeries-florists-in-gay-rights-/?page=all/]

Indiana’s ‘No Gay Wedding’ Pizza Parlor Raises $842,592 From Supporters [http://time.com/3771465/indiana-no-gay-wedding-pizza-parlor-raises-money/]

Court Rules Bakery Illegally Discriminated Against Gay Couple [http://aclu-co.org/court-rules-bakery-illegally-discriminated-against-gay-couple/]

Oregon bakery pays $144,000 fine for refusing to bake gay wedding cake [http://www.csmonitor.com/USA/Society/2015/1229/Oregon-bakery-pays-144-000-fine-for-refusing-to-bake-gay-wedding-cake/]

Changing Attitudes on Gay Marriage [http://www.pewforum.org/2015/07/29/graphics-slideshow-changing-attitudes-on-gay-marriage/]


End song via DJ Ephixa [https://youtu.be/_tm3-aD_ENc/]

Thumbnail image source via Flickr/Dan DeLuca [https://www.flickr.com/photos/dandeluca/5874874133/in/photolist-9X9gpk-icXCS8-7d2DXf-42KpM-4Zniyo-icXarh-cmcjtA-nCLyyL-4bYQhm-68FkK4-qZTRk-c3cKQQ-5X7MPo-4mbyV-3KVZsQ-dArstS-4WxJEC-xTNLq-gS5SvB-7ewRgK-nW3SHc-4Zi3Dz-7cXgSx-cXvzyU-bSpuJi-54jNkS-7d2Eps-3GXM9y-7d2sZ9-vjA65-c1mnCh-3GTroB-4ZPYs8-kcEW7X-7cXgrZ-8YZGcy-7PqCM-9UtsE9-7kihrz-4Zi8rz-e7yEpz-6SamV6-8YZG6C-8YZGho-o3zKN-a4e1RX-4Zi2on-7cXFoT-8fZsJ9-4WtsDe/]

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