By Ben Noble

The word “socialism” gets thrown around a little too fast and loose in my opinion. In this video and in most instances it’s used in place of “authoritarian” or “progressive”. Yes, I do agree with the assertion that America has taken on many socialist policies that people haven’t fully realized. On the other had, when you look closely at what those policies are actually doing its hard to say that they have done much good or are sustainable. Like most advocates of government intervention, Francesca has been caught up in the warm and fuzzy rhetoric of “coming together” and “taking care of each other”. There is no “coming together” when a central authority mandates it. In that sense it is an admission that we can’t work together and the government needs to use its force and violence to make people participate. If this group of policies and economic model is so efficient and beneficial to workers, then people will voluntarily join. For me, the beginning of moral and just actions is consent and when you use the force of government to achieve an end, you most likely will not reach it.



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