Embracing the state is a rejection of science – Liberty Theory 005 [Video]

By Ben Noble

The scientific method needs freedom to experiment and discover how the world works. Then we can use that knowledge to reach our goals. Having a state, or at least a powerful state, reduces our ability to experiment with how society works and then use that knowledge to improve our lives. The state does not allow for competing experiments and implementations of societal technologies like law, money, healthcare, and economics. It imposes its will over how society should work and in the process slows or outright kills a society’s ability to experiment and improve. It slows societies ability to evolve.

Thumbnail Source [https://www.flickr.com/photos/snre/6946913449/in/photolist-bzSKkP-upNTu-dRe4q4-4FmeLf-b5q3SH-4snPw-sjcTz-nmaSQb-6kWstq-5eSgN4-91XZG-c4FyM-bmXUzq-bzSKhP-4f69Dk-7vFcMw-3apksQ-8K8Sw7-7HQ7A-Km4Em-cfJZC1-d6ckh-yVGRiB-b911L-5oNiw3-8BFrY8-9q26ZV-qyWwY-c4FEx-fcjhcf-nDmwVT-gWL8D-3MHdHM-ACzLca-4CHoq3-gQ23WX-dniMCN-eWpyyD-7pFBA2-5X6bSU-8mxD1n-6ekLLB-xSXDu-D9s7z-uG7SmZ-eVW1Z6-dv5FuZ-d9gqG1-wNZakc-8mw7NB]

One comment

  1. What are our goals? I suspect each scientist would claim his own branch deserves to decide.
    Can we leave such decisions to scientific rivalry? or are we all entitled to a say in this important business?
    Many years ago the goal of scientists and engineers was to invent a horseless carriage. Result—internal combustion engine a marvellous invention that polluted the globe.


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