Austin Petersen “Give me anarchy and I will give you death”

Austin Petersen likes to rile up the anarcho-capitalists that follow him on FB. I get the feeling that he likes to do this because they can be a hard crowd and very vocal in their criticism. I don’t necessarily have a problem with him criticizing ancaps, but he’s being a little sloppy with it. For instance, see the picture below.

Austin Petersen Anarchy

He has beef with the NAP (Non-Agression Principle) and as far as I can tell it is because he sees it as unenforceable and therefore useless in creating order in society. This led him to, I hope in hyperbole, say that he would steal and murder in an anarchist society. The image that he is attacking in the bottom post is saying that the free market can supply controls on theft and murder with armed individuals. Private police is another service that the market can supply and many places have them now.

Austin claims that in anarchy there will be utter chaos and people like “him” committing theft and murder. Then when someone points out that people will be able to arm themselves in self defense (among other solutions), he claims that market anarchists advocate for summary executions of all thieves. This is a huge disconnect from using self defense in the chaos he thinks would happen in anarchy verses this new situation were he accuses anarchists of wanting to kill kids like Trayvon Marten, even though I don’t think he stole anything. The anarchists I am familiar with are so because they want less violence and death in society. Accusing all anarchists of wanting the power of summary execution for petty theft is silly. He is not approaching his criticism of market anarchism very honestly. Of course, he could just be trolling and I’ve spent way too much time thinking about this. That Leif Bieberson is a tricky one.


  1. I just read your 5 reasons why FDR was a horrible o President. Not only are you’re reasons complely wrong, but ignore basic economic theories and common sense. For instance, food was destroyed to drive wages up and profit for farmers up. That is one example. I would love, as a historian, to have a debate with you at Ball State University to show how ignorant and silly your theories are.


  2. Pleas feel free to contact my office here in Muncie, Indiana unless you are too scared to come here and debate in front of hundreds of people. You attempting to rewrite history is appalling and I question if you know a damn thing about history or FDR. My office number is 765-288-5035. Call me if you dare to have a civilized debate, anytime, anyplace or with any rules.


  3. Or my cell phone at 765-730-1119. If you cannot defend your “ideas” in a public or private forum, I do not blame you. I would not want to defend your asinine theories either. I can get hundreds of people there as well as at least 3 or 4 news outlets. Let me know. While I respect your opinion and interest in these subjects, you are dangerously wrong. (Sorry for any misspelling, I am sending this from my phone). Thank you in advance for reading this and considering this offer.


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