Alright Churches of America, its time for a chat. Its time we talked about war. The harsh language I use may offend the delicate sensibilities of some in the Church, but please don’t be offended by the words I choose. I am using them for emphasis. I want you to be offended by the ideas.


Too many in the Church have either been supportive of the “war on terror” or ignoring it for too long. Its sad to say, but most of the Church is either blinded by the idolatry of patriotism or don’t give a damn about what Christ actually said or commanded.

In the last ten years the US has invaded two countries, drop bombs on a dozen more, and killed over 1 million people. Time has proven that the reasons for invading Iraq were made up and Afghanistan was a mistake as well. There are studies that report that 98% of those killed in drone strikes are non-combatants. It has also been reported that the CIA has gotten in the habit of “double tapping” the site of a drone strike to take out rescue workers and mourners that show up to treat the wounded and gather the dead. We are killing huge amounts of innocent civilians and the Church refuses to see or speak about it.



Even if we weren’t mostly slaughtering men, women, and children just for the chance that we will hit a terrorist there would still be a problem. We are ignoring one of Jesus’ most important commandments. We call him the Prince of Peace for crying out loud. He commanded “love your enemy”. In order to do that you must understand our enemy. If our society didn’t have such a short memory and the media actually reported important facts we would all know that the US government has been meddling in the Middle East for decades. They have been overthrowing democracies, enacting sanctions that harm the common person more than the enemy government, bombing their infrastructure and people, and supporting oppressive dictatorships with weapons and money. How could they not see us as an enemy?


So instead of following the teachings of the very man responsible for Christianity the Church has embraced ignorance and war over love, understanding, and true self defense. Sorry to break it to you, but any Christian that supports the “War on Terror” needs to take off their WWJD bracelet and throw it in a fire. The Church has chosen devotion to the blood-lust of the state over the peace of Christ.


I have no memory of any pastor, priest, biblical scholar, prophet, street preacher, monk, bishop, or alter boy denouncing the wars. Where is this uniformity in thought coming from? The dozens of Christian denominations we have in the US will argue over frivolous shit like prayer, alcohol, money, homosexuality, communion, and how to find God in our wealthy, easy, and overly stimulated lives, but they all agree that the wars are just fine and dandy? Or do they just have their heads planted firmly in their asses?

The Church is dying in the US and its because of stuff like this. The Church is content to lick the boot of the state instead of joining Christ in rejecting the mainstream acceptance of violence, war, and coercion.


The answer to defusing the violence between the US and the Middle East is simple. They have been telling us the whole time. Stop meddling in their business. Bring the troops home. Stop sending our service members over there to get blown up and stop bombing their people into red mist. The war is even hurting us at home because we spend trillions of dollars in money we don’t have and sacrifice our soldiers just to destroy the civil liberties we think they hate us for.

If the leaders of the Church had any balls, authenticity, or real understanding they would have been condemning the war from the start. Much of the Church was in fact supportive of the push for revenge, uber-patriotism, and blood-lust. The US population is largely Christian. We could have stopped or at least hindered the foreign policy of war and death, but we didn’t. The fact of the matter is that the Church has pledged its devotion and submission to the idol of the state. The war on terror is only the tip of the iceberg. Evangelicals love to proclaim that we as a country need a “spiritual revolution” or to “return to God”, but I doubt they even know the the fuck they’re talking about. I urge my brothers and sisters in Christ to wake up to the violence and slaughter that they have allowed to occur in their name. Wake up and live free.



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