We have no business poking our noses in the civil war going on in Syria. It poses no national security threat. There is no doubt that Bashar Assad is a bad dude, but he has kept terrorist organizations out of Syria. The rebel army might be trying to overthrow a dictator, but they have ties to Al-Qaeda. There are no good guys in this fight.

Last week Senator Rand Paul tried to add an amendment to the Syrian Transition Support Act that would prevent the US government from supplying weapons to the rebel army or getting our military involved. His amendment went down in flames. His objection to arming and supporting forces associated to Al-Qaeda fell on deaf ears and the US government to moving closer and closer to giving weapons to what could very well be Al-Qaeda associated forces and opening up the possibility of military intervention.

Senator Corker has the audacity to talk about unintended consequences. He wants the ability to fight Al-Qaeda by giving weapons to groups with ties to Al-Qaeda? This passes as serious foreign policy debate? But don’t worry, the government will prevent the weapons from getting into the wrong hands by trying really hard to identify the good guys. Thanks Senator Rubio. Holy crap. If we have to put a great deal of effort into identifying who in a multi-faction, rag-tag rebel army is worthy of getting our weapons; then we’re doing it wrong. Maybe we should get the DOJ to arm the rebels. At least they have experience giving weapons to murderous organizations.

Luckily, Senator John McCain decided to prove Rand Paul’s point for him. Over the weekend McCain traveled to Syria to meet with leaders in the rebel army. During his trip he was photographed with one or two men that have been identified as possibly being members of a group from Syria that kidnapped 11 Shi’ite pilgrims and have been holding them for over a year. So not only is Al-Qaeda involved in the war, but so are random other shady groups. Give these people weapons! What a maverick!

The 2012 NDAA allows the US government to indefinitely detain any American that, in any way, supports Al-Qaeda or associated forces. I think it’s fair to say that McCain is now eligible for detainment at Guantanamo Bay for visiting and seeking to arm forces associated with Al-Qaeda. McCain wrote the law, so he should be very familiar with how this works. If Congress arms the Syrian rebels then I see no reason why they can’t take a little trip to the scenic Guantanamo Bay. I hear they upgraded the recreational facilities there, sounds nice.

If I took a trip to Syria or mailed a handful of semi-automatic rifles to the rebels I would get my front door kicked in and an all expenses paid vacation for an undetermined amount of time to an undetermined location. Perhaps the laws that McCain and Congress write should also apply to them. Just a crazy idea I had.

Live Free.


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