A brown-skinned anti-war socialist who gives out free health care. That’s how many on the left see the Son of God. Apparently Jesus is the reason why government should have a large role in providing money, food, and services to the poor. How can you argue with that? Everyone remembers when Jesus approached Pontius Pilate and convinced him to increase the taxes on the wealthiest Romans to feed the poorest. How about Mark, chapter 10? A man asked Jesus how to gain eternal life. Jesus said sell all your possessions and give that money to the poor. When the man refused Jesus ordered his disciples to follow that man to his home and give him a little “encouragement” to fork over the dough. That guy should have just listened to Jesus. Jesus doesn’t mess around.

This brings me to the specific “Socialist Jesus” graphic that prompted me to comment on the whole meme. It has Jesus talking to what appears to be one of his disciples and they are surrounded by hundreds of people. Jesus says to his disciple “We can’t feed all these people. That would only create dependency.” The implication is that Republicans, libertarians, and conservatives are bad, greedy, elitist, blah, blah, blah we all know the rhetoric.

First, its been shown over and over that conservative, especially the religious, voluntarily give much more to charity than those on the left. For some reason the left thinks that if the government isn’t involved with charity it doesn’t count. On the contrary, its the opposite. Secondly, memes like this ignore the glaring fact that poverty has not been reduced since the creation of the welfare state. Poverty was dropping up until government intervention. Since then poverty rates have stagnated if not increased over time. Sustained poverty rates despite an ever increasing government intervention sounds a lot like a dependency to me.

To think that Jesus and his ministry somehow translates to a government led welfare system is asinine. Jesus had no special love of government. He said to “render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s”, but that was no endorsement for government confiscation and redistribution of wealth. (In fact, it was the opposite, see the link in the description.) The government was no friend to him. In fact, he was killed by the Roman government and it hunted down many of his followers. All his commands to care for the poor were given to his disciples and the Church. Which leads me to my next point.

There is much noise made about how there should be a separation of Church and State (Which I agree with and I’m a Christian, by the way). So then why are these same people using Jesus and Christian doctrine to argue for what our government should do? This is a combining of Church and State. Just a heads up guys: Jesus is not amused by hypocrisy.

So by this standard the democrats and progressives should also demand that we post the Ten Commandments in all courtrooms. Then, depending on which denomination we’re going with, we should ban contraception. Obviously we need to ban abortion. I’m sure Jesus would want us to have every classroom in America begin in prayer everyday. Jesus did a fair amount of fasting too. I’m sure that he would also want the state to mandate fasting several times a year. Surely all adults should do a 40 day fast following Jesus’ example. We’re going to need to make tithing mandatory too. Everyone gives 10% of their income to a Church in their area. Everyone gives 9% to the government because we wouldn’t want to blaspheme by giving more money to the government than to the Church, am I right? Gay marriage will probably be out of the picture too. The Bible says not to get drunk, so we’re going to have to outlaw any level of drunkenness. Maybe we should just go back to prohibition, just to be safe. Unfortunately, and this will piss off a lot of people, but we’ll need to outlaw pre-marital sex. Sorry everybody, but the party is over. Look for your chastity belt in the mail.

Clearly, anyone that endorses “separation of Church and state” and the idea that government should wear a WWJD bracelet is a hypocrite. You don’t get to pick and choose what parts of Jesus and His ministry we should use. Moreover you don’t get to misinterpret what he said and what he stood for. Either we go all in on a theocracy or we follow the Constitution and respect individual liberty.

Logical inconsistencies are riddled into our political discourse. This is one that the left is particularly fond of. If you want to create a better America and make a difference in the lives of the poor then volunteer or give money to a quality charity that will spend more of every dollar on the poor than the government ever could. Voting to reach deeper into the pockets of your fellow citizens is not charity, its greed parading as generosity. It’s the forceful confiscation of property. Some people call that theft.

Live Free.
 Render Unto Caesar: A Most Misunderstood New Testament Passage – http://www.lewrockwell.com/orig11/barr-j1.1.1.html