Its simple really. Libertarians don’t live in reality and they don’t care about those around them. Just ask one of them about the social contract and they will smirk before going off on a rant about how it doesn’t exist. Well, if they don’t like it then they can move to a different country. I hear Somalia is nice this time of year.

We are all Americans and we need to pull together. We all need to cooperate to get things done. The government is how we do that. What other way is there? There isn’t one. We give the government the power to fix things and then it does whatever the majority of the country wants. It’s called a democracy, look into it. The libertarians are just angry because they are the minority and can’t get their destructive ideas enacted into policy.

Just look at all that we have accomplished when we ,Democrats and Republicans, come together.


Government dominance in the economy is working great. The minimum wage has increased the living conditions of the young and less-skilled without increasing unemployment. Our healthcare is the best in the world and it’s getting more affordable with the help of government mandates. The economy is growing and manufacturing is coming back because of good tax and regulatory policy. The middle class is doing great and they are protected from new taxes. Wages are rising and more people rise out of poverty every year. During the recession, which no one could see coming, the American people were protected and the banks and Wall Street didn’t get bailed out.

Government dominance in charity is working great. We have a strong safety net that keeps people out of poverty. In fact it has lifted millions of people out of poverty and reduced the overall rate across the nation. The cost of the welfare state is going down. The black family has benefited massively from government charity. Every American is able to retire and live with dignity in their old age due to programs like Social Security and it will be there for generations to come.

Government dominance in domestic affairs is working great. We have excellent public schools and a teachers unions that focus on providing a great education to all children. Graduation rates are as high as they’ve ever been. We built roads and bridges and maintain a great infrastructure. The $800 billion stimulus 4 years ago was a big success. Drugs are bad, except alcohol and tobacco. The drug war has been a great success. The trillions of dollars spent has lowered drug usage and made drugs less accessible. We may have the largest prison population in the world, but treating drugs are a crime rather than a health issue has been worth it.

Government dominance in civil liberties is working great. Americans enjoy an excellent level of privacy. The government respects every citizen’s right to privacy of information and communications. Due process and a right to trial by jury is held in ultimate esteem by our legislators and President. The law does not allow any American to be indefinitely detained by the military. The death penalty is only used after the full measure of due process. The very idea of a Presidential kill list is unthinkable. Gun-free zones have been incredibly successful in protecting schools and places of worship. In fact, cities that have enacted strict gun control laws have had great results in lowered violent crime.

Government dominance in foreign affairs is working great. We are gaining ground in the war on terror and making the world a safer place. We have supported the Desert Spring and now better governments are rising from the ashes. Our embassies and diplomats are safe. We don’t usurp the sovereignty of other countries by dropping bombs on terrorists… and civilians and children. We don’t send billions of tax dollars in foreign aid to countries that violate human rights and persecute our informants. We spend a sensible amount on defense. More than the combined total of all other countries sounds about right. Our military is in great mental and physical shape, ready to continue the fight. No suicide epidemic here.

Yep, the state is great for bringing people together and addressing societal issues. I, for one, am glad I pay over a third of my paycheck in taxes. Otherwise how would things get done? We need the 2 parties to fight over the power to control our life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness. We can’t be expected to cooperate and solve society’s issues without someone to hold a gun to our heads. As long a majority of people agree or at least a small group in Washington, then its all good. Libertarians are so unrealistic.


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